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Cordially invites you to register for professional dance instruction

Classical Ballet

Modern Dance

Give us just one day of your week and we'll teach you the secret of perfect dancing. Remarkable new techniques thoroughly explained never before told secrets to improve performance. Study with the masters of Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

Our faculty includes Susana B. Williams, director Dance-Forms Productions, Kim Olson, artistic director KO/Sweet Edge.

Danceforms' students never fail college or universities dance auditions

Fridays from 5:30 to 7:30 P.M.

Hosted by Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

502 North 5th Avenue

La Grange, Kentucky 40031

To register call Dance-Forms Productions (502) 265-7041

or write to danceformspro@aol.com

Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/susana.b.williams

Dance-Forms Productions


"The International Choreographers' Showcase"

Iroquois Amphitheater

July 2015

For information call (502) 265-7041 or write to danceformspro@aol.com

General Admission: $10.00

An Invitation from the Director

Dear Choreographers,

On July 9, 2015 a group of distinguished choreographers will arrive in Lousville, Kentucky to be featured in "Danceforms' International Choreographers' Showcase" a presentation of The 6th Bluegrass State International Dance Festival.

This exciting trip offers choreographers an excellent opportunity to perform their work, make contact with the press, numerous dance directors, producers, presenters, other artists, (hopefully to negotiate new engagements!) and earn revenue from ticket sales of two performances. A dynamic platform for the promotion and presentation of contemporary dance, "Danceforms' International Choreographers' Showcase" was first presented at Festival Off d'Avignon in Avignon, France in July and August 1994. Since then "The International Choreographers' Showcase" has delighted international audiences with presentations of outstanding contemporary dance.

I invite choreographers who are willing to invest in themselves and who are interested in expanding their knowledge of other cultures, as well as promoting their work in the USA. I invite choreographers who see this thrilling event as an opportunity to benefit their professional development.

Choreographers receive a complete production package, which includes the theater, lighting, sound, technical assistance, publicity, pre-show rehearsal arrangements, printed materials, printed programs. Remember, the space is limited, so please call right away. You may call from Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 9 A.M. and 9 P.M. Eastern Time. After we have spoken be prepared to submit your professional resume, 4 full body pictures for publicity, program notes, and a DVD or VHS video with samples of the work you will present. Remember, the space is limited, so pick up the phone and contact us now! You may e-mail us at any time. Our e-mail is: danceformspro@aol.com

Dance the World with Dance-Forms Productions! Let's do it now!

Don't wait, if you have further questions, you can check our FAQ page at www.danceformsproductions.com e-mail us by clicking on danceformspro@aol.com or speak personally with me by calling (502) 265-7041.

I look forward to your participation, and greeting you in Louisville.

Susana B. Williams



The 6th edition of "The Blue Grass State International Dance Festival" provides resources and opportunities for dance professionals from the USA and abroad. It brings together dance professionals, dance companies, presenters, producers, the press, and the charming people of Kentucky.

Dance-Forms Productions is determined to have a memorable impact on both performers and audiences alike.

The festival presents:

Ernestine Day

Principal Dancer Denishawn Company

Ernestine Day

A modern dance pioneer

Ernestine Day

Tour of the Orient

Welcome to Louisville

As the 16th largest city in the U.S. and the largest city in Kentucky, Louisville is home to over 90 attractions, 17,000 hotel rooms and 2,500 restaurants. Whether you are planning to visit Louisville for pleasure or attending a mee ting or convention, you are sure to find Thoroughbred horse racing, bourbon, bluegrass music, sporting events and more! \line \line Located on the banks of the Ohio River, Greater Louisville is easily accessible, Spend a day visiting Louisville's many museums and hi storical homes. The Louisville arts community has gained international acclaim and is one of only nine U.S. cities with a professional opera, ballet, theatre, orchestra and children's theatre. Louisville's family-friendly attractions include the Belle of Louisville, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Churchill Downs, Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville Slugger Museum and the Louisville Bats. Visit Louisville..."We've Got It!"

"Named for King Louis XVI of France in appreciation for his assistance during the Revolutionary War, Louisville was founded by George Rogers Clark in 1778. While its initial growth was slow, the advent of the steamboat in the early 1800s sparked booming industrial development, and by 1830 Louisville had secured its place as the large st city in Kentucky. During the Civil War, Louisville was an important Union base of operations and a major military supply center. In the postwar era, the city emerged even more prosperous than before, with merchant princes and manufacturers shaping the new economy.

Thunder over Louisville

Owing to its strategic location at the Falls of the Ohio, Louisville was a major commercial center. River transportation was supplemented by the construction of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, which was chartered in 1850 and operated more than 1,800 miles of line in the state by 1920. Joseph E. Seagram and Sons opened the world's largest distillery in Louisville following the repeal of prohibition. Thanks to companies such as Dupont, the city became the world's largest producer of synthetic rubber during World War II.

Louisville was also a city of firsts. In the reform-minded progressive era of the 1880's the city was the first in the nation to introduce the secret ballot, significantly reducing vote fraud. It was the first city in Kentucky to adopt zoning and planning measures to control and shape urban growth. Home to the first bridge designed exclusively for motor vehicles to cross the Ohio River, Louisville was also the birthplace of Mary Millicent Miller, the first woman in the United States to receive a steamboat master's license.

The city has been home to a number of men and women who changed the face of American history. President Zachary Taylor was reared in surrounding Jefferson County, and two U.S. Supreme Court Justices, including Louis D. Brandeis, the first Jewish Justice, were from the city proper. John James Audubon was a local shopkeeper in the early years of his career, drawing birds in his spare time. Second Lt. F. Scott Fitzgerald, stationed at Camp Zachary Taylor during World War I, was frequent presence at the bar in the famous Seelbach Hotel, immortalized in the novel The Great Gatsby. Muhammad Ali, perhaps the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, was born in Louisville and won six Golden Glove tournaments in Kentucky."

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